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Facialist Vee Mistry offers clients virtual consults between treatments, and takes into consideration anatomy and physiology when creating a customized skincare regimen.SKINBYVEE

Caring for skin is big business.

The global skincare market continues to expand, with revenue projected to reach US$177-billion in 2025. As new products are continuously released, each featuring hot new ingredients and promising life-changing results, it’s easy for consumers to get confused or overwhelmed by even the most exclusive brands, and purchasing products unsuitable for their skin type.

The truly luxurious approach to skincare? Building a relationship with an expert that gets to know your skin’s unique needs.

During a face or body treatment at the recently relaunched Spa myBlend at Toronto’s Ritz-Carlton, one of only four spas worldwide that uses Clarins’ newly formulated myBlend product line, nearly every touchpoint is customized to the individual client, from the temperature of the treatment bed to the selection of music playing and, of course, the products used.

“Everyone has different needs,” says Regine Perron, Clarins’ boutique and spa development director. “For better results, the therapist needs to provide personalized treatments.”

She explains that each facial begins with a consultation and skin analysis before the therapist chooses a cleanser, serum, mask and daily cream from the extensive myBlend collection. Post treatment, these products can be purchased to use at home, alleviating any confusion that can come from navigating a crowded beauty counter or website solo.

Spa myBlend at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Toronto offers customized products that can be purchased for home use and continued skin health.Clarins

When it comes to selecting skincare products to use at home, aesthetician and facialist Vee Mistry says it’s easy to get sucked in by endorsements like “cult favourite,” “editor must-haves” and “celebrities swear by this.”

“It’s really important that people understand that skincare is not just one universal product,” Mistry says. “Our skin is the largest organ on our body, so why are we turning to Google or what our best friend is using?”

At SKINBYVEE, her studio in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood, Mistry has clients who have put their skin’s health in her expert hands for years. She explains that a skincare professional who is educated in the anatomy and physiology of the skin can see what’s happening beneath the surface of the skin, which goes well beyond what we see in the mirror. She practices a 360-degree approach to skin health, taking things like gut health, bowel movements, menstrual cycle, lifestyle and even frequency of shaving into consideration.

“If we look at the person as a full entire being, then when we prescribe, the skin responds more optimally than if we were just throwing something on it,” she says.

While she says that regular visits with her clients offers better insights, she’s quick to acknowledge that there are often time constraints to scheduling regular in-person facials. To help close that gap, Mistry makes herself available online, offering virtual consults where she coaches clients on product selection and application.

“Having that one-to-one relationship either with a coach or an aesthetician is like having a skincare tutor.”

Bill Baker, Consonant Skin+Care founder

For Consonant Skin+Care founder Bill Baker, it was important that his line of all-natural skincare be accompanied by professional guidance. He says that a trained professional can help to identify the products and regimens that are working – as well as which aren’t – while deepening your understanding of your skin and its triggers.

“If an aesthetician is looking at your skin every four to six weeks, they are in the best position to help you refine your routine,” he says. To foster that relationship, Consonant has partnered with the Toronto-spa Kuko House, where they offer cold laser treatments using their products.

“Part of the fun of skincare is being able to explore and try new things, but having someone guiding you so you’re not making any faux-pas is a wonderful safety net to have,” Baker says.

While the pandemic accelerated online skincare out of necessity – layered with stay-home ennui and reactions to Zoom face – according to a survey by Digital Commerce 360, 46 per cent of consumers say they prefer to see beauty products in person.

“Having that one-to-one relationship either with a coach or an aesthetician is like having a skincare tutor. You can certainly do the research on your own, but it helps to have someone with the expertise to guide you on what to look for,” he says.

Indeed, that expertise brings perspective that goes well below the surface. “Your skin is a direct reflection of what’s going on internally,” says Mistry. “When [you] create this beautiful relationship with an expert, we are able to look deeper.”