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Our lives have been thrown out of routine with the stress of coronavirus and the economic fallout. Here’s how to take an at-home wellness break

We could all use a little self-care in these stay-at-home pandemic times. Below you’ll find ideas for treating yourself from head to toe, from nutrition and fitness tips to pampering your skin and hair.

Self-care doesn’t have to mean spending money, in spite of what the robust self-care economy tries to sell, but instead doing the things that bring you pleasure. If all else fails, squeeze in time for a nap.

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Eat well

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Dietitian Leslie Beck writes that being housebound during the COVID-19 pandemic has made putting home-cooked meals on the table more challenging. But if you want to improve your diet or even lose a few pounds, this is an excellent time to start. These seven strategies will help you stop the stress eating and stay on track. And learn more about what foods can help you maintain a strong immune system.

Get fit

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Exercise helps your immune system, but there’s no one-size-fits-all prescription for how to work out. Here’s what you need to know about exercise intensity and infection risk.

If your exercise routine has suddenly fallen to pieces, we have advice for how to get back on track, whether you want to take up running, replace your gym workouts at home, challenge your muscles or try yoga. We also have a guide to online fitness and health resources, whether you’re into strength training, martial arts, gymnastics, mobility, or meditation.

Working at home (and lets be honest, binge-watching your favourite shows) can take a toll on your body. Here’s advice on how to fix a few common stay-at-home injuries, from back pain to headaches.

Skin and hair-care tips

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It may feel wrong to dwell on our appearances right now, but it’s certainly a morale booster. Stress can show up on the skin, so check out our guides to skin-care at every age, how to use rollers, brushes and other skin-care tools and where to order beauty subscription boxes. Luxury baths are the ultimate self-care ritual and symbol of rejuvenation. Also show some love for hands and feet with these DIY tips.

We’re all missing our hairstylists, but first off lets all learn to embrace the grays. Not convinced? Here are tips for covering up roots – some stylists are offering hair colour kits and tips for using them at home. Before you reach for the scissors out of desperation, think of this break from the salon as a chance to experiment with longer locks. Treat yourself to premium hair care products that are now more widely available.

With warmer weather don’t forget the sunscreen – and try these tricks to fake a glow.

Beautify your space

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Making your home more health-focused doesn’t have to involve a major renovation. Focus on a few key areas to improve at-home wellness, from lighting and air quality to plants and decor.

Cleaning and organizing can help you regain a sense of control at home, and making spaces orderly and pretty will motivate you to keep them that way. Start with these tips for decluttering inside and giving your exterior a refresh. If you’re now working from home, try these ideas to make your workspace more functional and stylish and give your bookshelves a new look (so they’ll make a great background for videoconferencing calls).

For floral accents that are perfect for the times, try the minimal, modern sensibility of the Japanese art of ikebana flower arrangement. Dried flowers are making a comeback, but this time in varied textures and muted palettes. The same goes for artful mixes of potpourri displayed in sleek vessels. Candles are also having a luxe and refined moment.


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If you want to up your takeout game, try these first-rate hot meals and gourmet meal kits to-go from high-end restaurants from Halifax to Vancouver. Pair your meal with one of these nine wines offering distinctive local flavours that will transport you to wine regions around the world, or try one of these splurge-worthy wines to make a meal or celebration at home even more memorable. Bars and restaurants in several provinces have been allowed to offer beer, wine and spirits with food ordered for takeout or home delivery.

If you’re looking for new ideas in the kitchen, consider these three easy recipes that use mostly pantry ingredients so you can skip the trip to the grocery store. For some, baking bread is a soothing comfort in times of uncertainty. Top that off with these instructions for making whipped, or dalgona, coffee for a photogenic treat.

Learn and connect

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Given the stresses, it’s never been more important to squeeze in some time for a leisure activity. Start by learning a new skill – from ballroom dancing to making the perfect dry martini. Want a laugh? The Second City Training Centre is now offering its comedy classes online.

To stay connected, get on your feet with an online dance party or try hosting an online cocktail or dinner party.

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