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Radoslaw Wojtaszek v. Razvan Preotu, Online Olympiad 2021 (See diagram)

Every kid who starts improving at chess has hopes of becoming a Grandmaster, but for 22-year-old Razvan Preotu of Toronto the dream turned into reality.

The son of Romanian immigrants to Canada, he entered his first tournament at the age of seven, and just kept improving. He won national championships for his Grade level several times, and began competing internationally.

White wants to play Rc2 to stabilize his position. What does Black do?The Globe and Mail

Finally he became a Grandmaster at 17, making him the second youngest Canadian to achieve the title.

“It felt really good, as becoming a GM at any age is really hard,” he says. “The main reason for my success was the strong support I had from my parents and coaches.”

The University of Texas at Dallas took notice, offering him a scholarship in 2017 if he would join their chess team. He completed his bachelor of Computer Science and is now studying for his master’s degree.

His team is one of the top collegiate squads in the U.S., and he is constantly training for intercollegiate championships. But he also represents Canada in international events, such as the recent online Olympiad.

Preotu’s next goal is to hit a rating level of 2550, “which is ambitious but I think achievable.”


Black played 28. … b3 and then after 29.axb3 a3! 30.Ne1 (White has to worry about Nc3+) a2 31.Nc2 Rxc2 Black wins.