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Instead of saying A, try B

A. Tell me about the party. B. Did you have fun?

A. How was the test? B. Are you glad the test is over?

A. I need to explain to you why I am concerned about substance abuse. B. What do you think about what some of the other parents are saying about drug use at the high school?

A. The [video game]content is too violent for you. B. Why do you think a parent may be concerned about the content?

Texting 101

9 Parent is watching

99 Parent is no longer watching

P911 Parent alert

PA Parent alert

PAL Parents are listening

PAW Parents are watching

PBB Parents are behind back

POM Parents over my shoulder

POS Parents over my shoulder

CD9 Code 9, parents around

KPC Keeping parents clueless

A/S/L/P Age/sex/location/picture

RU/18 Are you over 18?

DOC Drug of choice

EWI E-mailing while intoxicated

IGHT I got high tonight

420 Marijuana use/let's get high

LIK Liquor

MUBAR Messed up beyond [all]recognition

Source: Teenage as a Second Language