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Call us naïve, but until recently, we thought Mica was just another pretty name - and we swear we passed Grade 10 biology (or is that chemistry?).

Turns out mica is also a mineral, useful in makeup for shielding the skin from UV light while enhancing its natural radiance and providing coverage and colour.

It's also a key ingredient - along with titanium dioxide and silicone - in TEYE Minerals' Satin Veil, a lightweight gel that quadruples as an eye shadow, blush, primer and shimmery body powder.

Developed by Dan Thompson for Calgary's Oasis Wellness Centre & Spa, TEYE is the first 100-per-cent pure mineral (and 100-per-cent chic) cosmetics brand carried nationwide at Holt Renfrew. We suggest rubbing a wee bit of the Satin Veil on the cheekbones for that oh-so-J-Lo glow - no pregnancy required.

$79 for 30 millilitres at Holt Renfrew; visit www.teye.caor for more details.

-Rebecca Tay