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saving money

Having realized how much money I throw away on going out for lunch, I've decided to start brown bagging it. My plan is to bring my lunch to work from Monday to Thursday and then treat myself with a meal out on Friday.

And to make sure I'm saving cash, I'm going to make lunches on a total budget of $20. But can you can you put together a decent midday meal on $5? I'm not looking for steak and lobster, obviously, but I want more than water and PB&Js.

What do you brown bag for lunch every day? Do you have any suggestions for cheap and delicious meals or how to stretch $20 at the grocery store? Or - and this is my personal challenge to you - is it possible to do this on even less than $20? I need all the ideas I can get.

E-mail me - or discuss in the comments area of this article - your lunch ideas and tips by Friday at 5 p.m. ET.