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Toronto mayor Rob Ford listens to presentations during a city of Toronto budget committee meeting on Nov. 25 2013.FRED LUM/The Globe and Mail

Welcome to Afternoon Six-Pack: Six must-read stories from the worlds of celebrity, oddities and digital miscellany


Rob Ford has resurfaced on American television again and this time he's not being skewered by late-night comedians. Toronto's embattled mayor figures prominently in a new TV commercial for Republican congressional candidate George Demos. The 30-second spot opens with an image of Ford appearing alongside U.S. President Barack Obama and Democratic congressman Tim Bishop (whom Demos is hoping to replace) accompanied by text asking the question: "Tired of politicians?"



Who is the mysterious tipper rewarding waiters and waitresses all over the U.S.? The Instagram account titled tipsforjesus features photographs of lucky servers posing with their signed receipts and remarkable tips. So far the anonymous donor is estimated to have shelled out more than $54,000 in gratuities with the biggest single tip being a $5000 payday at the Paris Club in Chicago.



May the selfie be with you. The Disney Company has sanctioned an official Star Wars Instagram account and the first photo posted is that of Darth Vader snapping a selfie. Disney hopes to introduce the fantasy sci-fi franchise to a new generation of moviegoers in preparation for the release of Star Wars: Episode VII in December, 2015.



New Yorkers are being spooked by sounds emanating from the One World Trade Center building. According to reports, the new structure emits "an eerie choral sound" whenever the weather turns windy. Several witnesses say the sound was first heard back during Hurricane Sandy in late 2012.



Where is Jaxsin? The one-year-old purebred boxer has gone missing from the Vancouver home of its owner, Ronnie Negus, better known as one of the Real Housewives of Vancouver. Jaxsin went missing in the exclusive neighbourhood of Horseshoe Bay last week and Negus has already hired professional dog-trackers to find the pampered pooch.



Kyle Lambert only used one finger to create a remarkable likeness of Morgan Freeman. The British artist created his portrait of the Oscar-winning actor on his iPad by using the app called Procreate. "It captures every brush stroke automatically and you can export it to the camera roll," Lambert said. The picture required roughly 285,000 brush strokes and took Lambert 200 hours to complete.