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This Feb. 26, 2012 file photo shows actress Angelina Jolie at the 84th Academy Awards in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. Jolie says that she has had a preventive double mastectomy after learning she carried a gene that made it extremely likely she would get breast cancer.Chris Pizzello/The Associated Press

Angelina Jolie was upright and working on her latest film project four days after undergoing a preventative double mastectomy, according to a blog post from the California doctor who led the procedure.

"On day four after her mastectomies, I was pleased to find her not only in good spirits with bountiful energy, but with two walls in her house covered with freshly assembled storyboards for the next project she is directing," writes Dr. Kristi Funk. "All the while she spoke, six drains dangled from her chest, three on each side, fastened to an elastic belt around her waist."

Jolie promised in her now-viral New York Times op-ed piece about her surgery that the breast cancer centre that treated her would post the regimen she followed.

The blog outlines every stage of Jolie's treatment, from the mammogram and ultrasounds that the actress would have undergone, to a description of the various surgeries required.

It also lays out in detail the pain medications, anti-nausea pills, muscle relaxants and other drugs Jolie took, as well as the supplements and ointments the she used to help in her recovery.

"On February 2, 2013, Angelina was in the operating room for the first operation, the nipple delay," the blog says. "Her partner [Brad Pitt] was on hand to greet her as soon as she came around from the anesthetic, as he was during each of the operations."

Jolie underwent the mastectomy on Feb. 16 and then, two months later on April 27, she had breast reconstruction surgery.

The actress and director decided to undergo the radical surgical procedure after learning she carried a mutated gene that raised her chances of getting breast cancer to 87 per cent.