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Celebrity Photos of the Week: Monsieur Hollande's White House Opus!

All captions by @captionperson

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Let’s kick off with the bottom-feeders. Shall we? The premiere of the low-budget comedy The Hungover Games in Los Angeles attracted such luminaries as Sharknado star Tara Reid and the once-promising comedic actor Jamie Kennedy. The poor guy really couldn’t go much lower in chasing a photo op, right?

Chris Pizzello/AP

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We stand corrected. Here’s Jamie Kennedy at the same event with Teen Mom-turned-porn-star Farrah Abraham. It’s only fun until someone gets a rash, fella.

Chris Pizzello/AP

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Also at The Hungover Games premiere was former NFL star Hank Baskett, proudly posing on the red carpet with his expectant wife Kendra Wilkinson, a former Playboy playmate and reality-TV star. In today’s Hollywood, that’s called a ‘super-couple.’

Chris Pizzello/AP

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And then there was Camille Grammer, best known for her irrational outbursts on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her four-year marriage to Frasier star Kelsey Grammer. More recently she’s dating the star of Ted.

Chris Pizzello/AP

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Jump to New York, where the Irish actor Colin Farrell took thespian requests from people attending the premiere of his new movie Winter’s Tale. Here, Colin responds to a request for ‘Dumb Surprised Guy.’


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Here’s Colin demonstrating ‘Quizzical.’


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And here’s Colin making his classic ‘Get-that-bleeding-camera-away-from-me-before-I-kick-you-in-the-Lucky-Charms’ face. So talented!


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Mr. Farrell calmed down in the presence of his Winter’s Tale co-star Eva Marie Saint after she told him he reminded her of a young Cary Grant. Or maybe it was Marlon Brando. Colin wasn’t really listening.

Andy Kropa/AP

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Next stop: Jolly old London town, where the eponymous George Clooney brought a new scarf and best Ed Sullivan impression to the U.K. premiere of The Monuments Men.

Jonathan Short/AP

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Not to be outdone, George’s co-star Bill Murray brought along the nifty new fedora he received for Christmas to the premiere.

Jonathan Short/AP

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The handsome French actor Jen Dujardin brought his unique je ne sais quoi and a raised eyebrow.

Jonathan Short/AP

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And John Goodman brought along his appetite for the post-premiere buffet.

Jonathan Short/AP

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And then Bill Murray almost put a damper on the entire event by confusing the red carpet with the back alley behind a Chicago comedy club. Hey, once a Ghostbuster….


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Meanwhile, over in Berlin, the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Connelly showed up to push her film Aloft at the International Festival Berlinale. Isn’t she just a portrait of actorly evervescence?

Joel Ryan/AP

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‘Quelle dommage, cheri,’ said 70-year-old French film legend Catherine Deneuve. ‘That’s not how a real movie star conducts herself on the red carpet. Look at me, I’m trying to look professional even though they’ve put me beside this frizzy-haired ape! And I was in The Last Metro!’


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‘And should you ever find the stench of your co-star driving you to distraction, simply face the other direction.’

Joel Ryan/AP

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None of which was an issue at this week’s State Dinner held in honour of French president Francois Hollande. Here we see the Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper trying to rein in his giddiness while entering the White House with model girlfriend Suki Waterhouse.

Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

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Needless to say, Monsieur Hollande endured some good-natured ribbing about showing up without a date.


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For the most part it was a civilized and convivial affair and more than once U.S. President Barack Obama raised a toast to Hollande, even though the American vintage provided at the event was ‘swill’ to the Frenchman.


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And thankfully a diplomatic crisis was averted when Monsieur Hollande asked the First Lady 'a tour of zee Lincoln Bedroom, s’il vous plait’


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