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Celebrity Photos of the Week: 'Twas the week before Oscars

All photos by @captionperson

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While most of the world was primping for the Oscars, the people who star in movies that actually sell tickets were busy pushing the product. Here's Liam Neeson rummaging for change at the premiere of the his new thriller Non-Stop. How the heck did an Irish stage actor become Hollywood’s biggest action-movie star at age 61?

Jordan Strauss/AP

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For that matter, how does Non-Stop co-star Julianne Moore retain that porcelain skin and youthful visage at 53?

Jordan Strauss/AP

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Some say she absorbs the life-essence of younger actresses, like Disney teen star Bella Thorne, who showed up at the Non-Stop premiere looking like this ...

Jordan Strauss/AP

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And left the event looking like this ...

Jordan Strauss/AP

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Next stop: London, where the recently unveiled likeness of Batman star Christian Bale had spectators agog at Madame Tussauds wax museum.

Lefteris Pitarakis/AP

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Spectators only realized the Bale effigy wasn't the real thing after it was courteous to the museum’s hair and makeup people.

Lefteris Pitarakis/AP

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Now back to Los Angeles, where comedian/actor Kevin Pollack hosted a reception honouring nominees in the animated and live-action short film Oscar categories. Here, Pollack wows the crowd with his spot-on impression of William Shatner.


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And here’s Mark Gill, whose short film The Voorman Problem is up for an Oscar, demonstrating that the ascot is still an acceptable fashion accessory with hip young filmmakers. These kids today.


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‘Wait, wait, I can do Regis Philbin, too!’ offered Pollack.

Chris Pizzello/AP

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Elsewhere in Tinseltown, Kate Hudson turned heads at the Glamour Oscar Party with an ensemble that seemed to be part Pretty Woman and part Spring Breakers. Hey, didn’t she use to be an actress?

Dan Steinberg/AP

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Also at the Glamour event was Jeremy Renner, pretty much the only cast member of American Hustle not nominated for an Oscar. That’s what you get for acting in The Avengers, pal.

Dan Steinberg/AP

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Because this is the biggest week of the year in Hollywood, the Glamour soiree attracted A-list ingenues such as actress Camilla Belle, already a leading lady at the tender age of 27.

Dan Steinberg/AP

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Also there was former Disney Channel discovery Joe Jonas, already washed up and forgotten at 24.

Dan Steinberg/AP

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And now back to London, where Yank stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube showed up in person for a VIP screening of their comedy Ride Along at the Soho Hotel. Mr. Cube even wore his dress L.A. Dodgers cap for the occasion.

Joel Ryan/AP

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While in the U.K., the diminutive Mr. Hart visited Manchester and was allowed the traditional privilege of playing for the local soccer club.

Joel Ryan/AP

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And of course the team gave Hart his own keepsake soccer jersey. Hey, those kid-size sweaters never sell anyway.

Joel Ryan/AP

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And Hart’s visit to Manchester ended with a tour of Coronation Street and posing for a picture with long-time cast regular Beverly Callard.

Joel Ryan/AP

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Last stop: Beirut, where Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie could be found on another humanitarian mission as part of her special-envoy duties for the United Nations. We admire her selflessness, but remember when Jolie was the most glamorous star in Hollywood? Shouldn't she be practising her thigh-thrust or prepping her gown for Oscar night?


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‘Talk to the hand,’ Ms. Jolie says.


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‘Talk to the great … big … hand.’

Hussein Malla/AP

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