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Celebrity Photos of the Week: What made Justin Bieber take off his shirt in Poland anyway?

All captions by The Globe and Mail: @captionperson

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In the photo of the week, Justin Bieber walks through the metal detector at an airport in Poland on Monday after considerately removing his custom-made solid-platinum pirate shirt so it doesn’t set off the alarm. He is not shirtless because the relentless pressure of being a teen megastar is making him nuts or anything.

Agencja Gazeta/Reuters

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Meanwhile, back in Toronto, Mayor Rob Ford stares at the trout in his hand.

J.P. Moczulski/The Globe and Mail

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Agencja Gazeta/Reuters

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J.P. Moczulski/The Globe and Mail

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Meanwhile, in Germany. That’s it. Just meanwhile, in Germany. Perhaps we can get a German rapper to look up where this photo was taken.

Tobias Schwarz/Reuters

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German rapper Cro googles the Echo Music Awards in Berlin last week.

Tobias Schwarz/Reuters

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Singer Lana Del Rey can’t believe she finally found a nation that will give her a music award at the Echo Music Awards in Berlin last week.

Tobias Schwarz/Reuters

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German rapper Cro suddenly questions the value of his Echo Music award in Berlin last week after Lana Del Rey won two of them.

Tobias Schwarz/Reuters

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This next five photos are images of contestants on the new season of the television singing contest The Voice. Based on a sensitive algorithm developed over years of viewing TV singing contests, we can tell you the personalities of each contestant based entirely on their photos, with a minimum guaranteed accuracy rate of no less than 15 per cent.

Gus Ruelas/Reuters

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Devyn Deloera lives in the suburbs with her large family, thinks Heathers is a high-school documentary about managing your friendships, and thanks God every day for blessing her with so much incredible talent. Will cry.

Gus Ruelas/Reuters

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Lily Elise is a bit of a rebel who was raised by a single mom who has a funny story about Coney Island. Married to a bartender who believes in her dreams. The most important thing in her life is her two-year-old son and also her 16-year-old son. Thinks Avril Lavigne is from Idaho. Will not cry.

Gus Ruelas/Reuters

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Katrina Parker is crazy! Her friends at the office urged her to enter the competition because they think she’s made for the stage! Will win for sure if her personality comes through! Loves exclamation points!! Hates haters. Will cry.

Gus Ruelas/Reuters

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Monique Benabou has a European accent of indeterminate origin and is living the American dream in a Florida trailer park. Loves Edith Piaf and the German rapper Cro. Needs a bailout. Will pout.

Gus Ruelas/Reuters

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Orlando Napier has just moved to New York and is trying to express himself through his music. He doesn’t need The Voice because he’s going to make it on his own terms anyway. Just thought it would be kind of ironic to take part. Will cry like a baby.

Gus Ruelas/Reuters

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David Beckham shows his tattoo to students at Peking University in Beijing. The tattoo, in Chinese characters reads, "Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by the ability to do underpants commercials.”


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Singer Tung Duong performs with children during Earth Hour in front of the Opera House in Hanoi on Saturday. Not sure people are getting the point of this Earth Hour thing.


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One day it will dawn on Sandra Bullock and Neil Patrick Harris, seen here at the Kid's Choice Awards in Los Angeles last week, that you don’t actually have to let yourself be publicly humiliated with buckets of green slime in order to impress children.

Phil Mccarten/Reuters

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Katy Perry is ready for gym class at the Kids Choice Awards in Los Angeles last week.

Patrick T. Fallon/Reuters

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Kristen Stewart put on her formal hotpants for the 2013 Kids Choice Awards in Los Angeles last week.

Patrick T. Fallon/Reuters

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Formal hotpants is fun to say.

Patrick T. Fallon/Reuters

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Selena Gomez blows a kiss at the 2013 Kids Choice Awards in Los Angeles last week. I wonder what it would be like to go out with her and then break up....

Patrick T. Fallon/Reuters

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Agencja Gazeta/Reuters

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And some of this?

J.P. Moczulski/The Globe and Mail

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