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Celebrity Photos of the Week: Why is Justin Bieber putting his hand there again?

All captions by The Globe and Mail: @captionperson

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This week in celebrities selling stuff this week: Usher hawks luxury cars in Germany on Tuesday...

Denis Balibouse/Reuters

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Rihanna hawks shoes in London on Monday...

Neil Hall/Reuters

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And Dennis Rodman hawks the charming starvation policies of the totalitarian gulag state of North Korea on the star-sucking ABC network in Washington on Saturday.


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Oh good, Dennis Rodman. You’re giving a hug to the absolute dictator of the world’s last hereditary terror state. The only thing less appealing than this would be a picture of Robert Mugabe eating birthday cake


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Fortunately, we have that too.

Philimon Bulawayo/Reuters

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Canadian angel Justin Bieber descends from the heavens and bestows his presence on the awestruck and blessed mortals to whom he granted an audience in London on Monday. Okay, fine: It was a concert in an arena and he started two hours late and was booed. Then he lip-synced through a short set, but it didn't matter because most of his fans had left because they had to get up for grade school the next day.

Joel Ryan/AP

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Justin Bieber apologizes for starting his London show two hours late on Monday.

Joel Ryan/AP

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And then he danced.

Joel Ryan/AP

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Colin Farrell smiles at the premiere of Dead Man Down in Hollywood last week. Wait. What? What’s going on with his hair?

Fred Prouser/Reuters

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Oh. Pony tail. Has he turned 40?

Fred Prouser/Reuters

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James Franco tucks his pants into his boots at a photo call for Oz the Great and Powerful in Moscow last week. Has he turned 75?

Ivan Burnyashev/Reuters

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Katie Holmes seems so carefree and light at an NBA game in New York last week. Like some great weight has been removed from her shoulders.

Ray Stubblebine/Reuters

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She’s just smiling and smiling.

Ray Stubblebine/Reuters

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Hey, Tom. Looks like something thetan ya.

Karen Ballard/AP

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Martin Short is lowered by wires and a harness onto the stage at the Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto on Sunday in a hilariously original stunt invented for the show that will no doubt now be copied ad infinitum by less innovative awards shows.

Frank Gunn/CP

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Sarah Polley would, like, take back this reaction to winning the award for best feature documentary at the Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto on Sunday.

Frank Gunn/CP

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Jody Claman and Ronnie Negus (right) of The Real Housewives of Vancouver help celebrate the vibrant pioneering spirit of Canadian television programming at the Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto on Sunday.

Jon Blacker/Reuters

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Serious and important TV personality George Stroumboulopoulos is a serious and important TV personality at the Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto on Sunday.

Jon Blacker/Reuters

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Yes, Kenny Hotz at the Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto on Sunday – that is the correct answer to the question: “What were most Canadians doing during the Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto on Sunday?”

Jon Blacker/Reuters

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Actress Wendel Meldrum closes her eyes and tries to imagine she’s holding an Emmy Award at the Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto on Sunday.

Mark Blinch/Reuters

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