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Celebrity Photos of the Week: Monkey see, monkey do

All captions by @captionperson

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper smiles and keeps his eyes firmly on the bottom line as Emily Haines of Metric performs at the Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa on Monday.

Chris Wattie/Reuters

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In Vancouver, a specially designed Mountie says goodbye to family before shipping out to Southern Alberta to help with flood relief.

Darryul Dyck/Canadian Press

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Kristen Stewart struggles to remember that thing she is supposed to do on red carpets at a fall/winter fashion show in Paris on Tuesday.

Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

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Oh yeah: SMILE!

Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

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A pissed-off Kristen Stewart suddenly remembers how much she hates smiling.

Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

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Justin Bieber, seen here performing in Las Vegas last week, has made the wise decision to tattoo a large tiger’s head onto his upper arm, right above the owl that he’s also never going to regret.

Powers Imagery/AP

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Meanwhile, Mally, the monkey Justin Bieber abandoned in Germany, responds to reporters’ questions about his former owner as he settles into his new home in a German zoo.

Holger Hollemann/AP

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For the sake of argument, let’s say Liam Gallagher is NOT imitating a monkey formerly owned by Justin Bieber while performing with his band Beady Eye at the Glastonbury music festival last week.

Olivia Harris/Reuters

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Mick Jagger tries to stick out his tongue at the Glastonbury music festival last week but can’t get it past his lips.

Olivia Harris/Reuters

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Actor Channing Tatum takes a hostage during the White House Down premiere party in New York last week. Authorities are refusing to meet his demands and say the Magic Mike sequel will not be greenlighted no matter how many actresses he kills.

Evan Agostini/AP

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Johnny Depp offers a devotee a selection of rings to kiss at the premiere of The Lone Ranger in Moscow last week, and then waits to see which one she chooses.

Alexander Zemlianichenko Jr/AP

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What’s weirder? Sandra Bullock trying to play a recorder tune on a Sharpie at the Australian premiere of Heat, or the fact she used the Sharpie to apply her eye makeup?

Rob Griffith/AP

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Eloy Alonso/Reuters

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Still struggling with the sticking-out-the-tongue thing...

Olivia Harris/Reuters

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Daryl Hannah encourages Mick Jagger at the premiere of The Hot Flashes in Los Angeles last week.

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

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John Travolta and his hair arrive for the opening ceremony of the 48th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic last week.

Petr Josek/Reuters

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Later, John Travolta gave his hair the rest of the day off.

David W Cerny/Reuters

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