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The biggest Star Wars news of the day comes not from a galaxy far, far away but from Latino Review, which is reporting that Harrison Ford is going to reprise his role as Han Solo in the coming Star Wars movies.

"Harrison Ford is back as Han Solo. How awesome is that?!" El Mayimbe wrote on the Latino Review website.

Sources for this juicy bit of nerd news? None that are identified in the story. El Mayimbe told Fox News Latino he has "legitimate sources" for this Death Star-sized scoop so … take that for what you will.

If the news is true, it's a depressing reminder of the passage of time. As cartoonist Ruben Bolling has pointed out on Twitter, Ford is years older than Alec Guinness was when he played Obi-Wan Kenobi was in the first Star Wars movie to hit theatres.

Responding to the rumour of Ford's return, Alexandra Petri wrote in the Washington PostP "I held my tongue on the rumoured Young Yoda and Young Boba Fett movies, but the idea of a venerable elder Han Solo, lurching vigorously around the way Harrison Ford did in The Indiana Jones Film That Shall Not Be Named, is just what it takes to make the original trilogy feel like a Very Long Time Ago."

We could all sit around an epic nerd table debating which Harrison Ford character is more awesome: Indie or Han Solo. But we'd all know we were wasting our time because obviously the answer is Han Solo. Ford and George Lucas already began ruining Indiana Jones when they decided doing that crystal skull movie was a good idea. One can only imagine how much it will sully Han Solo's rightful standing in the pantheon of greatest movie characters of all time to see Ford, who is 70, play the character again.

Plus, he's going to look extra old standing next to Chewbacca, who's got to be completely grey haired by now.