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In photos: Remember 'the Bieber'? The hair history of Justin Bieber (plus his latest 'do)

A look back at the many coifs of Canada's biggest pop export

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Once there was a young lad named Justin, whose no-nonsense buzz cut seemed perfectly appropriate to his bucolic boyhood existence in Stratford, Ontario


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But Justin made no secret of his pop-star aspirations, which caused him to grow out his hair while still maintaining his interest in sporting activities


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As Justin became a household word and global phenomenon, his trademark coif took on a lighter hue and became more slightly contained (possibly so that teen boys wouldn’t feel too embarrassed asking for ‘The Bieber’ at the barber).

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On occasion, Justin would shock his fans, if not the world, by allowing a stylist to hack his sheetrock bangs and the rest of his hair, mostly to inconsistent lengths, resulting in more or less the same hairstyle sported by prison inmates


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And then in 2011, Justin surprised everyone–but at least stayed true to his Canadian roots–by morphing from moptop to a windswept hairstyle reminiscent of k.d. lang, circa 1994, avec highlights


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For those really special occasions, like the American Music Awards, Justin could instantly affect a respectable Mad Men look with a little dab of Brylcreem and a comb

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And today, we have the 2013 Bieber hairstyle, with buzzed and bleached sides and a throwback to the original bangs that made him a star.

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