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8 celebrity moms we all totally obsessed over

As we all watch daily at Kate Middleton’s growing baby bump, here's a look back at some other celebrities we watched with (almost) as much anticipation when they were preggo

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Jennifer Lopez: JLo has always been a status symbol, so it was no different when she was pregnant. She gave birth to twins Emme (pictured here) and Maximilian in 2008, looking fabulous the entire time. Her children have managed to escape the spotlight, even during Lopez's divorce from their father Marc Anthony. (She is now with Casper Smart). Lopez said in an interview recently that she’s not sure if she’ll have more children, but that “it would be an absolute blessing” if she did.


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Madonna: The woman who sang Like A Virgin, appeared in risqué videos and made a point of being open and out there shocked many when she said she was pregnant in 1996. Some said Madonna wouldn’t make a good mother; others thought she would be the best. Her choices about her children since have had the same divided reactions. Daughter Lourdes has consistently made tabloid gossip columns for her looks, and Madonna has since adopted two children from Malawi, which drew criticism from the country’s president.


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Gwyneth Paltrow: Ah, Gwyneth, the woman who seems to say, "You can have it all, and look incredible doing it too!" Paltrow has always been the natural woman, and she said in an interview recently that no one in her family eats dairy, eggs, sugar, corn, wheat, gluten, potatoes, tomatoes, red meat, shell or deep-water fish. In 2003, when she and Chris Martin announced they were expecting, there was much talk about her needing something positive to look forward to; her father had died the previous year. And then after the baby came, of course, there was seemingly endless talk about the name. Dare we say Gwyneth started the unique name trend that so confuses us now? Her choice: Apple.


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Beyoncé: It seemed to be the biggest announcement the day Queen Bey announced at the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 28, 2011, that she and Jay-Z were expecting their first. She nailed pregnancy outfits, dressing in clinging, comfortable fabric that hugged that belly in all the right places. The birth of her baby girl, Blue Ivy, was talked about for weeks and celeb bloggers gushed about little miss Blue when photos finally came out.


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Victoria Beckham: The most spectacular thing about Posh being pregnant is no one is ever sure where she's keeping the baby. She’s always been extraordinarily small, and it’s not surprising that almost immediately after giving birth, she’s gone back to the same shape. She has three boys and one girl with soccer legend David Beckham, and they're all as cute as you’d imagine coming from those parents. Rumours were flying earlier this year that the couple was expecting their fifth child, further perpetuated by Beckham saying he’d love another one – or two. But for now, those rumours remain as such – rumours.

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Halle Barry: The mother of one drew a lot of attention during her first pregnancy, but is even more in the spotlight now, being pregnant at 46 years old and everything. The actress has been voted as the "most glowing" celebrity mom, and continues to looks just as stellar and put together as she did sans baby in her belly.

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Kim Kardashian: The whole time Kim Kardashian has been pregnant, there’s been drama. There were rumours she was putting on weight intentionally, that she had struck a deal with Weight Watchers to lose it all very quickly once the baby came. And after father-to-be Kanye West announced the pregnancy on stage in front of 5,000 people last December, there immediately seemed to be trouble between the two (most recently, a possible cheating scandal). There was also that tiny detail of a dress she wore to the MET Gala that was supposed to be glamorous, but garnered cheeky reactions from people (including Robin Williams) that she resembled a couch.

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Angelina Jolie: After adopting her first child in 2002 from Cambodia and her second in 2005 from Ethiopia, it was big news when Angelina Jolie announced she was pregnant in 2006. Rumour has it that the couple travelled to Namibia for the birth just to avoid media scrutiny. The chairman of paparazzi agency Big Pictures said, at the time, the birth was “the most anticipated baby since Jesus Christ." Since then, she’s adopted one more, and been pregnant again – this time, with twins.

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