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Actress Blake Lively poses at the BAFTA Brits to Watch event in Los Angeles, California July 9, 2011. (FRED PROUSER/REUTERS)
Actress Blake Lively poses at the BAFTA Brits to Watch event in Los Angeles, California July 9, 2011. (FRED PROUSER/REUTERS)

Blake Lively launches Goop-like site called Preserve Add to ...

Hey, Gwyneth Paltrow, can you feel Blake Lively nipping at your heels?

In the vein of Paltrow’s website Goop, Lively has ventured into the online world with her own website called Preserve.

For the record, Paltrow launched Goop in late 2008 with the mission statement to “nourish the inner aspect” (and sell products ranging from vegan pasta sauce to designer kids’ wear).

According to Radar Online, Goop has been floundering financially and is estimated to be $1.2-million (U.S.) in debt.

But take note: Paltrow is 41 and consciously uncoupled from her rock-star husband Chris Martin; Lively is 26 and, at last check, still happily wed to her Canadian-born actor husband Ryan Reynolds.

Launched on Monday – two days before its original launch date – Preserve is, much like Goop, both store and earth-mother posting board, with Lively serving as moderator.

In her inaugural editor’s letter, the actress, best known for her six-season stint on Gossip Girl, comes clean about her lack of editorial experience.

“I’m more intimidated than I should probably admit. I’m no editor, no artisan, no expert. And I’m certainly no arbiter of what you should buy, wear or eat.”

However, Lively says, “I am hungry, though…and not just for enchiladas. I’m hungry for experience.”

More to the point, Preserve is an online showcase enabling presumably hip artisans - such as celebrity hat maker Orlando Palacios - to sell their high-end wares to the public.

Up for sale on Preserve: clothing, spoons, footwear and all manner of sauces, including curry-flavoured ketchup.

As per Gwyneth’s Goop, the hipster commerce is offset by overlong and overwritten think pieces (including one that which suggests the ice cream sundae “is a message from the subconscious, a stratified glimpse into a man’s desire hierarchy”) alongside features on style and home design.

In Lively’s own words: “The function of Preserve is part magazine, part e-commerce hub, part philanthropic endeavor and – above all – a place to showcase the power of imagination, ingenuity, quality and (simply put) people.”

And should anybody require an Italian-made Christopher Travel Bag in which to store their imagination and valuables, it’s yours for a mere $1,000 (U.S.).

Even though Lively and Paltrow now both have their own lifestyle sites, nobody should expect a war of words between the two women.

In Lively’s recent profile in Vogue magazine (which itself seems a promotion for her new online venture), the actress shrewdly praised Paltrow and other current female role models.

“I’m always the first person to defend Gwyneth Paltrow,” said Lively. “Or any woman in a position of power, like Martha Stewart or Oprah, who gets burned. Because they have paved the path for so many other women who are doing something they believe in.”

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