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Ashley Wagner of the United States reacts in the "kiss and cry" area during the Team Ladies Short Program at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, February 8, 2014.POOL/Reuters

The Sochi Winter Games have only just begun, but we already have a winner in the category of an athlete registering extreme disappointment. Come on down and accept your honest reaction medal, Ashley Wagner! The U.S. figure skater has supplied viewers with a classic agony-of-defeat moment following her reaction to receiving low scores on Saturday.

To set the scene: NBC cameras naturally remained focused on Wagner as she waited to hear her score in the short-program component of the women's team figure skating event.

By that stage of the competition, Japan's Mao Asada was leading with the highest score, even though she had tumbled to the ice during her routine. Wagner had already finished her routine, in which she stayed upright and skated a clean program.

Of course when Wagner received a lower score than Asada, she couldn't hold back her disgusted reaction, which she rolls out in five very quick, but distinct, stages.

As can be seen in the clip currently flying around the Internet, Wagner's jaw drops, her face contorts, she nods in stunned disbelief, she turns her head and unmistakably utters the word "bulls–t" to the person sitting beside her, and then she claps politely.

Naturally, the clip of Wagner's disappointment became an animated GIF and has gone viral.

In the annals of Olympic history, Wagner will become far better known for her shocked reaction and muttering an expletive than for the fact that she won a bronze medal in her discipline.

But to her credit, Wagner attempted to put a positive spin on events by shouting out her apparent joy on Sunday with the following tweet: "I AM AN OLYMPIC MEDALIST!!! THANK YOU TO MY INCREDIBLE TEAM!"

You go, girlfriend.

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