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Tracy Morgan.Phil Bray

Take note, Alec Baldwin: When you're receiving career advice from Tracy Morgan, it's quite possible that your life has spun out of control.

That's what happened yesterday, as Morgan served up some suggestions for keeping cool to his former 30 Rock co-star during an interview with New York Times Magazine.

"He was concerned about the structure of my life, and now I'm concerned about the structure of his life," said Morgan in reference to Baldwin's recent dismissal from MSNBC. "He's getting fired from TV shows. He had about six fights since we left 30 Rock, you know."

The shrieking irony here, of course, is that on 30 Rock, Morgan more or less played himself in the role of Tracy Jordan, a loose cannon comic actor, while Baldwin was perfectly cast as the oleaginous, always-in-control network executive Jack Donaghy.

Last November, MSNBC abruptly cancelled the talk show Up Late with Alec Baldwin after the host allegedly used a homophobic slur during an argument with a paparazzo in New York.

Baldwin even penned an article for New York magazine in which he stated he was fed up with public life and bid adieu to living in New York.

Even more recently, Baldwin engaged in a nasty Twitter feud with former Mitt Romney aide Garrett Jackson, who accused the actor of using homophobic remarks.

"I'm worried about him," said Morgan in the magazine article. "I mellowed out, my daughter mellowed me out, and I don't get mad at anyone."

Morgan and his fiancé Megan Wollover had their first child, Maven, in July, which coincidentally enough, mirrored Baldwin's life as well: He and wife Hilaria welcomed daughter Carmen in August.

Morgan's best advice to Baldwin is straightforward: relax.

"Chill out, raise your family and enjoy your wife and your daughter," said Morgan. "The paparazzi do what they do, man. They have a job, too."