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Justin Bieber performs at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, July 25, 2013.J.P. MOCZULSKI/The Globe and Mail

Justin Bieber doesn't appear to be suffering from a cold, but sources say he's knocking back a whole lot of prescription cough syrup.

TMZ is leading the charge in unfounded claims that the Canadian pop star is "using drugs with alarming regularity" to the point where his handlers are now urging him to check into a rehab facility.

Citing several unidentified sources, TMZ alleges the primary drug being ingested by the pride of Stratford, Ont., is a little concoction known in rap circles as "sizzurp," which involves the mixing of a prescription cough remedy with Sprite and a Jolly Rancher candy.

According to TMZ, Bieber and his inner circle regularly consume the mixture, which they refer to as "lean." When used improperly, the potent mix has been known to cause seizures and even death.

And hold the phone, there's more. The same sources claim that Bieber is also taking all manner of prescription pills, including the anti-anxiety medication Xanax, along with ample amounts of marijuana and booze.

Reports of Bieber's alleged drug use have been flowing since police raided his home last week in connection to his alleged involvement in vandalizing the home of a neighbour in his Calabasas neighbourhood. To date, Bieber has not been charged with any crime.

One unsubstantiated report helpfully points out that codeine is a narcotic pain reliever very often used in combination with the anti-nausea drug promethazine to create the noxious sizzurp brew that has previously been reported to have created health concerns for rapper Lil Wayne and other stars.

But Justin Bieber? Say it ain't so.

The same TMZ sources that claim the pop star is hooked on the codeine potion also claim Bieber and his pals only drink the champagne of sizzurp.

A recently posted update alleges that Bieber and company only guzzle the codeine-promethazine mix sold under the brand name Actavis, which is generally considered a top of the line narcotic and runs for $800 per pint bottle.

The same source claims Bieber has a connection that secures the Actavis for him in another country.

But perhaps the most startling point: The TMZ source claims that when Bieber is at his worst, he's knocking back between eight and 12 ounces a day – and that's a whole lot of sizzurp.

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