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Not all Hollywood stories have happy endings, but take heart that the pizza-delivery man who fed the stars on Sunday night's Oscar broadcast finally received his tip.

As reported by Today, the delivery man, a soft-spoken Russian known simply as Edgar, turned up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about his unusual brush with movie-star royalty.

Edgar, the owner of a Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria outlet in Los Angeles, sat down with the Oscars host on her daytime program Monday and admitted that when he received the delivery order for the Dolby Theatre on Sunday night, his first thought was that the pizza was for writers.

Of course, Edgar couldn't possibly have known that his pies were going to be consumed by the likes of Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence and other Hollywood A-listers (except for Leonardo DiCaprio, who said no thanks).

And although the pizza delivery was a prearranged stunt – the pizza chain was informed on Saturday that the order was coming but they didn't know how many pizzas until Sunday night – the delivery man confirmed he was surprised to be included in the live TV broadcast.

"When I was there, they just told me wait here, and then you came out," Edgar told DeGeneres. "And you said, 'Just follow me.' "

In the next moment, Edgar, wearing a red baseball cap and bib and holding an armload of pizzas, was on-stage with DeGeneres and "was in shock."

When DeGeneres asked Edgar about who impressed him most among the Oscar attendees, he readily admitted he was starstruck by Julia Roberts.

"She was my like woman in dreams," Edgar told DeGeneres. "I was always watching her movies back in Moscow, so it was something crazy to me to deliver [her pizza]."

On yesterday's show, DeGeneres pulled out the now-famous hat (or a possible facsimile) that she passed around for a tip on Sunday night.

As it happens, there was $600 in the tip hat, so Ellen went into her own pocket to round it off to an even $1000, which she handed over to the grateful Edgar.

Later in the day, the Twitter account for Mama's & Papa's Pizza tweeted that Edgar is a former driver who bought his own franchise five years ago. It turns out that the store was extra busy on Sunday, so Edgar made the Oscars delivery himself.

And now that this year's Academy Awards are wrapped, it's safe to reveal what toppings were on the pies ordered.

For the record, the Oscar-night order was for 20 pizzas with cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms and olives.