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Artist Drake performs at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.Deborah Baic/The Globe and Mail

When it comes to unwittingly flipping promotional handout items, Drake has the Midas touch.

As reported by CTV News, the customized basketball shoes that the Toronto-born rapper gave away at a Toronto Raptors game are currently getting bids in the $100,000 range on eBay.

Drake was courtside at last Saturday's matchup between the Raptors and Brooklyn Nets, where he handed out two pairs of Nike Air Jordans – one black pair, one white pair – to two lucky spectators at the game.

The customized shoes featured insoles embossed with the now-familiar gold owl logo that brands Drake's various business endeavours, including his clothing line and record label. Both shoes were men's size 11 (that's Drake's shoe size).

It's unlikely the recipients became too attached to the shoes: On Monday, the black pair went up for sale on eBay with a starting bid of $300. The accompanying description says the shoes are "from Drake himself at Drake night at the Raptors."

So far the black pair have seen more than 150 bidders drive the price up to a startling $100,000 (U.S.).

The white Nikes went up on eBay Tuesday with an opening bid of $200. By Wednesday morning, 90 bidders had pumped the price up to $99,000 (U.S.).

And although the sellers of both pairs claim the shoes are still in "new with box" shape, there are no guarantees in life, or shoes once touched by Drake.

The eBay regulations state clearly that it can't guarantee authenticity of items bought or sold on the website. The standard disclaimer puts the entire responsibility of actually getting what you're paying for on the buyer and seller in each transaction.

Translation: buyer beware.

And more power to the person willing to pay $100,000 for a pair of shoes that normally retail in the $120 range, but the bigger issue is how anything even remotely connected to Drake has become a hot commodity of late.

At that same Raptor game last Saturday (which the Raptors won 96-80, by the way), Air Canada Centre staff distributed free T-shirts to the sold-out crowd. The black long-sleeved shirt featured a gold Raptors logo on the front and Drake's trademark owl on the back.

Those very same shirts are now available in all sizes on eBay and Kijiji, garnering bids in the $200 range.

In other words, if you can't afford a pair of Drake Nikes, a T-shirt is probably the next best thing.

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