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Besides offering a buzz, this new concoction from George Ultra Lounge in Vancouver is actually good for you. Created by bartender Timothy Schofield, a transplanted Brit from London, it combines immune-boosting bee pollen and vitamin-rich organic plums from the Kelowna area with super-premium bourbon. To create the drink, a salute to the framers markets of his newly adopted city, Schofield drops some lightly toasted bee pollen and a whole peeled plum into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, then adds bourbon, natural vanilla liqueur and a squeeze of lemon, shakes well and strains the liquid into an Old Fashioned glass. The cocktail is topped with crushed ice, garnished with a plum fan and capped off with a honey stick rolled in toasted bee pollen. The result: a very pleasant sting.


1 1/2 ounces Woodford Reserve bourbon

1/2 ounce Navan natural-vanilla liqueur

1 Stoney Paradise or other organic plum

1 squeeze fresh lemon juice

Plum fan and honey stick rolled in toasted bee pollen for garnish