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A serum to protect from UV rays and aging?

The product

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Combination Antioxidant Serum

The promise

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A "revolutionary" antioxidant combination, C E ferulic provides eight times the skin's natural photo-aging protection, which means fighting against UV-induced erythema (or redness), free radical formation and cellular damage. When combined with a broad-spectrum sunscreen, it supposedly offers ultimate protection from UV light.

How it works

The product uses l-ascorbic acid (to neutralize free radicals, provide photo protection and stimulate collagen production by inhibiting UVA and UVB radiation-induced damage), vitamin E (to aid in healing, improve the skin's water binding abilities and give a powerful dose of antioxidant protection) and ferulic acid (known for its anti-inflammatory effects as well as its ability to absorb UV and increase the potency of other antioxidants). It's ideal for photo-aged or photo-damaged skin, dry or sensitive skin types, redness and hyperpigmentation.

How to use it

Apply four to five drops to the face and neck in the morning after cleansing.

The bottom line

When I hang out with my beauty-writer friends, who are pale-skinned and own an impressive array of wide-brimmed hats, I always tsk-tsk and wag my finger and clutch my pearls when we spot people sunbathing.

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But when no one's looking, I ditch my floppy chapeau and bask in the UV desperate to achieve that sun-kissed Hollywood glow.

After a few years of this old bait-and-switch routine, I'm starting to worry, of course, about what all that UV is really doing to my skin. My epidermis has yet to show visible signs of sun damage, but I know it lurks beneath the surface, which is why I'm so thrilled to have this product on my side.

Since I started using it two weeks ago, I've already noticed a visible difference in my skin: It's smoother, clearer and more even toned. It's getting to a point where I can't pass a mirror without stopping to gaze at mygorgeousface. Looks like Hollywood got to me after all.

$150 through selected distribution channels via dispensing doctors, medical spas and high-end spas across Canada. For store locator, visit or call 1-877-238-8754.

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