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Clockwise from bottom, Province Apothecary Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush, Biotherm Skin Oxygen Oxygenating Lotion, $26 through, French Girl Cleansing Wash Néroli du Maroc, $42 through Globe and Mail

It isn't even close to the first day of Christmas as I write this and already my calendar is swelling with festive dinners and soirees, each of which will come with its own delightful menu of sugary sweets and beverages – and the ensuing late bedtime. Ahead of a few indulgent weeks that are certainly going to take a toll on my skin, I'm undertaking a pre-tox, the idea being that if I detox now, I'll mitigate any holiday-induced damage later.

A health fad that began with diets, detoxing has spread from the kitchen to the bath, as skincare brands introduce products they claim will fight the skin-damaging effects of environmental toxins, from air pollution to too much chocolate. Julie Clark is the founder of Toronto-based Province Apothecary, a skincare company that uses exclusively certified organic ingredients in its formulas. She begins every morning with her own detoxing ritual – dry brushing her face and neck, an invigorating action that stimulates the natural lymphatic system, which carries waste and toxins away from tissues.

"What you're trying to do is brush it in feather light motions, and that helps to move the lymphatic system under the skin," says Clark, a certified holistic aesthetician and aromatherapist, adding that, in combination with a regime of nourishing skincare, this action helps with everything from dark under-eye circles and puffiness to fine lines and even acne. "We want to get blood flowing to the skin," says Clark. "That's the secret to life." And to surviving the holidays.


What to try

Province Apothecary Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush, $52 through

Used first thing every morning on dry skin, this ultra-soft brush stimulates the body's natural lymphatic system, draining fluid and awakening skin.

French Girl Cleansing Wash Néroli du Maroc, $42 through

This facial wash was formulated for sensitive skin with activated charcoal, green-tea extract, aloe and jojoba oil to draw out impurities.

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Oxygenating Lotion, $26 through

Part of Biotherm's new chlorella-rich, pollution-fighting range, this lightweight lotion balances tone, radiance and sebum production when applied after cleansing.

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