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The question

Can women with curly hair pull off bangs without looking too 1980s?

The answer

Dealing with curly hair can be an ordeal, and bangs will definitely add another level of confusion if you don't take a few things into consideration.

First, you should have a stylist who understands your hair and can give you the best possible fringe with your curls in mind.

Patience and product are next. I can't stress the importance of both a great frizz-control mist and diffuser enough here. Without them, you'll end up pinning the bangs back and counting down the days until they grow out.

The last thing you'll need is confidence, as this look works best with tons of volume. I have naturally curly hair (with bangs!) and have spent the last five years a slave to my flat iron but, during the summer, I let my curls go crazy and get more compliments in one season than the rest of the year combined. So, to answer your question, I say yes. However, I once heard "Latoya!" (as in Jackson, patron saint of curly eighties bangs) being shouted in my direction. I just figured my full head of hair made the guy, who happened to be balding, jealous.

Bahar Niramwalla is a celebrity makeup artist and beauty specialist on The Marilyn Dennis Show . Have a beauty question? E-mail

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