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Mont Source Unique Shave Solution

The promise

In the crowded world of men's shaving gear, a big boast does not go unnoticed. The made-in-Canada Mont Source Unique Shave Solution promises "without question, the smoothest shave you will ever experience," no matter how tough your beard. Plus, your face will be rendered "utterly kissable."

How it works

Beyond the bald-faced guarantees, there are 15 natural essential oils in the solution, including geranium for supple skin and lavender for cell growth. The solution is the opposite of shaving cream - it's a clear, oily liquid that allows you to see where the razor meets the skin. Given the botanical mixture it contains, it has an unsurprising but refreshingly different (for a men's product) floral aroma.

How to use it

For something as simple as a shave solution, Mont Source's directions are unusually precise. First, pump four to five drops onto your palm and then massage it into your wet face. Wait 30 seconds before rewetting your face - now you're finally ready to shave (the solution is activated by water).

The bottom line

The solution easily passes the test of maximum smoothness and kissability and I didn't even need aftershave. But there are a few hurdles to consider, depending on your grooming habits. For my four-week-old hipster beard, the oily consistency made it harder for my razor to grab hold of longer hairs. Thus I spent more time on my shave than I would have liked. Some men may also have a difficult time giving up the comforting coverage of a foam shave - especially since using such a rich oil initially feels more like prepping yourself for a dip in a frying pan. But there's no denying the impressive end result: Unless you're Zach Galifianakis, it works very, very well.

$24.98 for 30 ml through