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Veet EasyGrip Ready-to-Use Wax Strips

The promise

For sleek, soft and hair-free legs, underarms, bikini area and any other embarrassingly hirsute body part. The strips are convenient and easy enough to use for even a neophyte at-home waxer to use with little risk of personal injury (read: no boiling pots of wax here). Because the strips remove hair at the root, the regrowth has been clinically proven to appear finer and softer, and waxed parts are said to stay hairless for up to four weeks.

How it works

The strip acts as a liquid during application, coating hair as short as 2 millimetres, which means the growth should be past the merely stubbly phase. The new EasyGrip tab has an intuitive centre-point allowing for more gripping room and smoother removal. Three different varieties comprise a dry skin formula with aloe vera, a sensitive-skin formula with vitamin E and almond, and 'Suprem'Essence,' enriched with velvet rose fragrance (fancy!) and essential oils.

How to use it

Start with dry, moisturizer-free skin. Rub the wax strip between your hands to warm it up and peel apart slowly by pulling the EasyGrip tab. Apply the strip with the tab pointing downward and rub in the direction of hair growth. Then pull back on the tab in a swift motion. Remove any excess wax with a Perfect Finish Wipe (included).

The bottom line

Summer is upon us and frankly, having to squeeze into shorts after a long winter of SAD-induced carb loading is enough to worry about without the added stress of finding an adequate aesthetician. Trust me, as a life-long waxer (thanks for the best beauty advice ever, Ma!) who has lived on a writer's budget in some very expensive cities, Veet wax strips have saved my wallet, my self-esteem, and yes, even my love life. They are supremely easy to use, remarkably effective on all of my hirsute body parts - of which there are many, though you'd never know - and those nifty finish wipes leave behind a soft, sexy glow. Talk about getting bang for your buck.

$13.99 for 20 strips, at drug, mass and grocery stores nationwide.