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The question: I have ultra-sensitive skin and dread skirt and short season every year as razor burn on my legs is the bane of my existence. How can I avoid it without having to go the waxing route?

The answer: I can totally relate, as I often opt for long, loose pants in the summer to avoid shaving two days in a row because the bumps are both painful and unsightly.

I know quadruple-blade razors are popular right now, but those extra blades often cause even more irritation to the skin, so grab one with only two blades. Next, use a cream- or oil-based shave lotion to help the blade glide and to moisturize the skin at the same time (in a pinch, I use conditioner).

Lastly, calm the little red bumps (bound to occur at some point this summer) with a lotion that has soothing essential oils to help alleviate redness. Product-wise, LUSH Cosmetics' Dream Cream body lotion is a mix of nature's best essential oils, including chamomile and rose, plus oat's milk to soothe the skin.

Bahar Niramwalla is a celebrity makeup artist and beauty specialist on The Marilyn Denis Show . Have a beauty question? E-mail