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How do I stop my dyed blond hair from turning green in the pool? Add to ...

The question

I’m worried my dyed blond hair will turn green when I swim. How can I mitigate the affects of chlorine and salt water?

The answer

A swim cap is possibly the best physical barrier against the dreaded green-blond mane many fair-haired folks suffer from during the summer. But unless you’re a synchronized swimmer, it’s not the coolest look, so I suggest you try both a pre- and post-dip treatment.

First, you have to get your hair wet. Before you jump into the water, hit the shower and thoroughly drench your tresses. Then, using a conditioner or hair oil, fully coat your locks from roots to ends. By treating your hair before you get into the water, you create a shield between your hair and the chemicals in the pool or salt in the ocean.

You can also treat your hair après-dive with a quick shampoo and conditioning, which will properly remove any residue from the water that could change the colour of your hair. If you have less than healthy hair, you might need something a bit stronger. Consider using a shampoo like the Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo, which contains essential oils for treatment and protection and helps to strip built-up products, including chlorine.

Bahar Niramwalla is a celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert who has appeared on CTV, Global TV and City. Follow her on Twitter: @baharniramwalla. Have a beauty question? E-mail style@globeandmail.com.

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