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As famous perhaps for interning at Vogue and for hitting New York Fashion Week as he is for being one of the scrappiest NHL players ever, former hockey star Sean Avery, now working at a Manhattan ad agency, takes us through his daily grooming regimen, revealing the manly (and the not-quite-so-butch) products in his carefully curated dopp kit

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Don’t go against the grain: Surprisingly, it was Avery’s former NHL teammates who made him realize there was nothing wrong with a little primping. “After a game, there’d always be a row of guys in the bathroom staring at themselves in the mirrors,” he says. “Some would be fixing their hair while others would be covering their cuts with cream from their [dopp] kits.” Over time, the contents of his own kit evolved. “I started to really care what went into it,” he says. These days, the 33-year-old likes to stock up on Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash (which he uses to clean and soften his stubble before shaving) and Gillette Mach 3s (he always shaves with the grain: down on his cheeks, up on his neck), as well as eye gel, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Remie Geoffroi/The Globe and Mail

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Be faithful to scents you like: When it comes to fragrance, Avery has two favourites: Costes Red (a unisex eau de toilette containing notes of incense and lavender that he describes as “the perfect balance of campfire and flower shop” – Avery discovered it a decade ago while staying at Paris’s Hôtel Costes, which offers several branded toiletries in its rooms) and Brut (the strong-smelling American aftershave that fellow athletes such as Joe Namath, Muhammad Ali and Jimmy Connors, all former spokesmen for the company, have been using for more than 40 years). “[Brut] reminds me of the smell of a golf clubhouse or the locker room in a squash or racquet club,” he says. “Plus, it only costs about six bucks and women seem to like it.”

Remie Geoffroi/The Globe and Mail

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Maintain your ’do: For most of his NHL career, Avery kept his head shaved – an appropriately fuss-free style for a guy who spent a lot of time with a sweaty helmet strapped to his dome. Now that he’s hung up the skates – and the helmet – for good (“there’s definitely no chance of a comeback,” he says), Avery has been wearing his hair longer: “I used to shave my head so often that I wasn’t sure if I was actually bald.” Avery’s current ‘do – cropped sides with a bit of wavy length up top – is maintained via weekly, “very therapeutic” visits to Geno’s Barberia in New York’s West Village. For men more accustomed to monthly cuts, Avery suggests using a dab of non-shiny hair paste to tame unruly strands between appointments.

Remie Geoffroi/The Globe and Mail

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Turn in, take off: Before hitting the sack every night, Avery takes a shower, then applies a rose-oil-infused face lotion by the Australian brand WEN. “I have a lot of scars from hockey and rose oil seems to help [treat them],” he says. WEN moisturizer aside, the one product Avery always has in his bathroom is a bottle of makeup remover, which he thoughtfully offers to any overnight “guest.” “With significant others, I’m always a gentleman, the complete opposite of what I was like on the ice,” he says, adding that a makeup-free face also keeps the bedsheets unsoiled.

Remie Geoffroi/The Globe and Mail

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