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Misfit Studio founder Amber Joliat helps you start the new year off on the right foot with her arsenal of cleansing rituals

Amber Joliat.

Amber Joliat has everything you want in a workout guru: strength, killer moves and a down-to-earth sense of spirituality. Joliat founded Misfit Studio in Toronto in 2010 as a response to the cookie-cutter yoga studios that littered the city at the time. It has since expanded to two locations, and offers everything from Pilates to reformer classes. There are even workshops based around the monthly new moon. "I see them as time to set intention for 30 days," Joliat said. "Which I prefer over New Year's resolutions."

Misfit is unlike any other fitness experience because of Joliat's unconventional approach. "I used to be a total outcast, but one that built a reputation for doing things differently," she said. And doing things differently she does – especially in her signature fusion class, a unique mix of yoga, Pilates and dance. In her sessions, Joliat preaches patience, positivity and setting intentions … essentially all the things one would need to kick off 2018 on the right foot. Here, she shares some of the daily rituals she follows, along with the stones, smudge sticks and other accessories that help her keep things on track.

1. Fire

"I am a sucker for tons of candles: around my altar, at the studios, at the dinner table, in the bathroom."

Salt rock candle, $28 through

2. Greens

"Plants fill my home, my studios and my heart. Each morning, after I meditate and smudge my home, I water and spray my plants. Nourishing them is a ritual, a simple pleasure and makes me so happy!"

Mini Crown Geometric Terrarium, $125 at Crown Flora Studio (

3. Skin-care ritual

"Taking care of my skin has become a ritual for me. I only use Province Apothecary. It's all natural, all organic and, because of my love of botany, I deeply appreciate the use of flowers. I sweat so often that my skin craves a serum."

Rejuvenating and Hydrating Serum, $76 for 30 ml at Province Apothecary (

4. Smudge sticks

"Palo Santo has an energetic clearing, medicinal and therapeutic healing power and I personally love the smell. It instantly drops my heart rate and slows my breathing, which helps to calm me before I start my day."

Palo Santo smudge sticks, $12 for three at Misfit Studios (

5. Essential oils

"I've made my own scent for years, which is a combination of wild rose and patchouli. For headaches, I only use peppermint oil. I also use it on the base of the skull before bedtime."

Peppermint Halo headache remedy roller, $26.95 at Saje (

6. Tarot cards

"I've been reading tarot since I was a teen and I have a large collection of decks that have accumulated over the years. Whether it's one card that I pull first thing in the morning, or an overview of the whole year, there's always something to reflect on. I pull with my left hand only – straight from the heart."

Holly Simple tarot deck, $40 (U.S.) through

7. Clear quartz crystal

"Clear quartz is known as the master healer. It draws out negative energy and balances your body, your chakras and your immune system. I carry one with me everywhere."

Clear quartz, various prices at The Rock Store (

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