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Revlon's buffer leaves nails shiny for days

The promise

For ladies (and men) who are between manicures and meetings, a quick swipe of Revlon's Crazy Shine Nail Buffer promises to deliver 400 per cent more shine to bare nails instantly.

How it works

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The tear-shaped tool has one side for buffing nails to a smooth and even surface, while the other adds a topcoat-like shine that lasts for up to three days. Buffing is said to promote nail growth by increasing circulation in the nail bed, strengthening nails to prevent chipping and breaking and extending the life of a manicure. Revlon's buffer can be used on polished and unpolished nails, works on all shapes and is small enough to store in your purse or briefcase for quick mini manis on the go.

How to use it

Slide the green-hued side over the entire nail (including the tips) to deliver a smooth and even surface, then flip over and rub the white side all over to produce a high-gloss shine.

The bottom line

I love that "crazy" is the superlative of choice these days. I'm rarely hungry, I'm crazy hungry; my hair isn't messy, but crazy messy; these sweatpants aren't baggy, they're crazy baggy. (Yeah, you just got an unfiltered glimpse into my daily life there. Crazy sexy, right?) And it's an appropriate word to describe what this buffer does for nails. The shine left behind really is something to marvel at and lasts for several days. There's nothing crazy about saving me from having to slap polish on my nails minutes before running out the door only to smudge it in the cab while fumbling with my BlackBerry. In fact, I'd say this tool is rather sane. Crazy sane.

$6.95 at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide.

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