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Nar Brow Gel does the work of two products by filling in gaps and taming and grooming brow arches all day long

The Product

Nars Brow Gel

The promise

This gel purports to create perfect arches with an innovative formula that strengthens brows as it shapes them.

How it works

The glossy, easy-gliding gel (available in dark brown, medium brown, blond and clear) grooms eyebrows into the full, thick arches that are de rigueur this season and keeps them in place. A unique, precision-tapered brush adds definition and shape.

How to use it

Lightly sweep the gel along the brows in the direction of hair growth.

The bottom line

I have extolled the many virtues of good brows in this column before: They add symmetry to the face, they make eyes pop, they're rejuvenating. But let me share with you a trick I learned by testing out this brow gel on a day when I was running late for an appointment with one of those doctors who shames you for being late (which means she shames me a lot). With a swipe of this tinted gel to groom and define brows, a dollop of concealer to brighten the under-eye area and a slick of bright lipstick, I looked fresh-faced, flawless and pulled together in that insouciant Parisian way that I've desperately tried to achieve since first seeing Jean Seberg in Breathless.

This brow gel does the work of two products by allowing me to fill in gaps while also taming and grooming my arches all day long. It lends the magical virtues of efficiency and simplicity to my life – and my face. Jean Seberg would know what I mean.

Nars Brow Gel , $25 at NARS counters across Canada (visit for locations).