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The rise of polish brand Essie and Pinterest boards of perfect manicures have contributed to the popularity of creative, unusual manicures.

The question

What's with people painting one of their nails differently than all the others (e.g., nine nails blue and one nail white) And is that over?

The answer

Commonly known as the "feature nail," this trend is far from over, thanks to the ever-increasing interest in nail art. The fashion world has been taking nails and nail art very seriously in the past few years, as seen on international designer runways. The trend of painting, patterning and/or embellishing one nail differently is now being embraced both by celebrities and by the mainstream.

Perhaps the trend's appeal stems from how it provides an outlet for creativity without demanding a long-term commitment. Or perhaps it's the affordability, as bottles of polish can be purchased in most drugstores for as little as $1.99. Without having to chop off or dye your hair, you can stay on trend in a more subtle way and, if you happen to change your mind about the shade(s) you're sporting, a little polish remover leaves you with a blank canvas for your next feat of artistry.

Bahar Niramwalla is a celebrity makeup artist and beauty specialist who has appeared on The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV. Follow her on Twitter: @baharniramwalla. Have a beauty question? E-mail