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Dapper men, now and then: The dandy in pictures

Beau Brummell is one of 15 of history’s most famous dandies given essay space in the lush coffee-table book Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion, just published by the art museum of the Rhode Island School of Design.

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Beau Brummell, equated now with frippery, actually heralded a move to simplicity.

Mary Evans Picture Library

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Are today’s hip-hop ‘gentlemen’ are cleaning up or selling out? André Benjamin epitomizes the buttoned-up aesthetic of big-name rappers.

Courtesy Sony Music

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Stephen Tennant, a ninteenth century British aristocrat, was famous for his lavish lifestyle and love of fine clothes.

1927 portrait by Cecil Beaton, Works of Art Fund, RISD Museum

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The sapeurs of the Congo juxtaposed brightly coloured, dapper suits against a backdrop of endemic poverty.

Baudouin Mouanda Co urtesy of M.I.A Gallery and RISD Museum

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Reactionaries such as Don Cherry have often been as flamboyant in their dress as gender-transgressors have, busting the notion that dandyism is the sole domain of urban liberals.

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