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Russell Smith

Do you have to match a camel coat with other brown apparel? Add to ...

The question

I got my boyfriend a camel coat for Christmas, but he won’t wear it. He says it’s because it has to go with certain shoes (brown) and pants. I thought camel was a neutral. What can he wear with a camel coat?

The answer

Indeed your boyfriend is wrong and wasting a beautiful item. Camel coats go with everything, including and especially dark suits. They do look excellent with brown shoes (particularly suede ones), but black shoes and boots are fine too. I have even seen red paisley scarves paired with them to great effect.

Note that camel refers nowadays only to a particular light-brown colour, not necessarily to actual camel hair. Some coats of this colour are made from camel hair, some are just dyed wool. Some are a blend of the two. The finest are made from the soft undercoat or under layer of fur from two-humped Bactrian camels. (The camels moult; the hair is gathered where it falls by hand.) Its natural hue is golden tan, so doesn’t need to be dyed.

There is always a touch of the dandy about the camel-coat man; perhaps the showiness of it is intimidating your guy a little. For some reason – perhaps their association with conservatism and old money – many overcoats of this colour are double-breasted, and that makes them even flashier. But you don’t have to look like Gordon Gekko in a big overcoat: Fashionable topcoats are moderately short and well-fitted these days, not big flapping announcements of wealth.

They are useful and versatile items because they look comfortable with jeans and blazers as well as with suits. I find them beautiful and would love to have one. Tell your boyfriend if he’s scared to wear his to send it to me.

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