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Globe Style's top 7 New York Fashion Week moments

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Proenza Schouler’s entire show: Wednesday night’s show was one of their best, hands down. The palette was black and white predominantly, with a few icy blues thrown in. Simplifying their collection meant that we got to see their craft, totally unobscured by colour. Cocoon shapes and laser-cut “technical” lace was a marvel.

Seth Wenig/AP

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Even bigger props to the label’s designers, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, who finally made kitten heels sexy by pairing them with a racy wraparound evening dress.

Seth Wenig/AP

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Michael Kors’ pylon perfection: If these highlights are a shopping list - and in all honestly, they absolutely are - then this Michael Kors sweater is tops. It’s pylon orange! This collection came about after Hurricane Sandy, based on the notion of protection. For me, it was the just essence of New York City: taxi cabs and endless construction.


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Calla’s cuteness: Tetris tweeds and the Legend of Zelda formed the basis of Calla Haynes’ eponymous collection, and believe me, this girl’s got game. A sweet, whimsical season such as this didn’t come off as precious in her hands.

Nicholas Calcott

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Just about every single piece was standout and immediately covetable, especially the fishtail parka the shade of sunshine, printed with roses. Who needs black this fall? Nobody.

Nicholas Calcott

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Oscar de la Renta’s party eyes: The rumours surrounding Galliano’s residency at Oscar de la Renta’s atelier made this the week’s buzziest show. Yes, there were touches of Galliano throughout the collection but the details remain murky.The proof was in the makeup: Out of the four (four!) beauty looks, the last featured matted hair and smeared-in eyeshadow. Who else but Galliano, a noted former partier, could be responsible?


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Uma Thurman at Donna Karan: She was seated in front of me. When the flashbulbs ceased to blind I can tell you this: In person, the woman does not disappoint.


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Shopping with Stephanie Seymour: The former supermodel-turned-billionaress mom sat front row at Jason Wu. She looked expensive, just like his clothes. I’d like to think she was eyeing this ultra-femme dress, totally sexified with cutouts. Because if anyone can do cutouts with this short a hemline at 44, it’s Stephanie Seymour and Stephanie Seymour alone


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