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The question

I love the idea of a light skirt for warmer weather but so many options right now are completely sheer. Is there a way to minimize how see-through they look?

The answer

Often, large retailers that yield great influence over designers might request that a brand tweak the design of a runway look so that it becomes more wearable. But once a piece hits stores, there is no way to change its composition.

Most sheer skirts can be worn with opaque tights, although pairing one in a pastel floral print with matte black hosiery might be incongruous (then again, maybe incongruous, if you're Miuccia Prada, isn't a bad thing).

If this solution still isn't modest enough, you can always enlist a tailor to create a custom underpinning – maybe by attaching a lining layer to the skirt or designing a versatile slip. You could also wait until the weather warms up and then re-evaluate your feelings toward transparency.

Ultimately, the question comes down to determining your comfort level.

Amy Verner is The Globe and Mail's Paris-based style reporter. Have a fashion question? E-mail Follow her on Twitter: @amyverner.