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In pictures: 5 cool suits for summer work and play

Who says a suit has to be constricting? As these dapper Vancouver gents reveal, the ultimate workday uniform can have real off-duty appeal

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Breathable, lightweight and forever in style, linen is the ultimate warm-weather fabric. Unless you’re willing to embrace its tendency to wrinkle, however, it’s best to seek out linens blended with sturdier fibres such as wool, which is what the A.P.C. suit worn by Mikey Scott, global marketing director for Canadian accessory brand Herschel Supply Company, is crafted from. Follow his lead and partner it with an eye-catching floral-print shirt and a pair of vintage-inspired shades.

Kamil Bialous/The Globe and Mail

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Roy Yen, the owner of soomö Entertainment, a company that has produced more than 850 concerts, sporting events and mass spectacles (including LiveCity at the 2010 Winter Olympics) worldwide, demonstrates the versatility of a double-breasted jacket, taking it from the office (his is in Yaletown) to the pool deck. Here, he wears one tieless with a boldly checked button-down shirt and skinny white jeans.

Kamil Bialous/The Globe and Mail

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Dressed up with an oxford shirt, a slim blazer and a pair of preppy loafers, above-the-knee shorts, as seen on landscape designer Dave Demers, proprietor of CYAN Horticulture, can be as smart and sophisticated as trousers. After all, Bermuda businessmen have been sporting tailored shorts with suit jackets for years. On these shores, though, draw the line at the kneelength socks.

Kamil Bialous/The Globe and Mail

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If navy, a stalwart hue, is especially big this season, designers have also embraced less traditional blues, from cobalt and cerulean to the steely shade of the silk, wool and linen suit worn here by artist Johnny Burgess. He keeps things looking casual, not corporate, by eschewing traditional dress shoes in favour of a pair of high-tops. For extra nonchalance, consider leaving dress shirts untucked.

Kamil Bialous/The Globe and Mail

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As an art director at Toolbox, a branding agency that works with a variety of fashion labels, Jamie Collins knows how to put together a handsome head-to-toe look. Here, he effectively combines a single-button beige jacket with the pants from a blue linen suit. The finishing touches: a neatly folded pocket square and pair of leather lace-ups, worn sockless.

Kamil Bialous/The Globe and Mail

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