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The question

I love wearing white linen blouses in the summer, but they tend to be fairly see-through. Do I have to stick with a white camisole underneath or can I jazz it up with a coloured bra?

The answer

A white linen blouse offers innumerable styling options, which is one reason why it remains such a wardrobe classic. The real question here is, what's the occasion? If you're heading to work, stay conservative with (as you mention) a white camisole – or one in solid black as an appropriate, albeit more noticeable, alternative. And for social occasions that are somewhat formal – say, your grandmother's 80th birthday – I would encourage a body-skimming tank (Aritzia offers a rainbow of flattering bustier versions). You don't want the conversation to be about your undergarments. However, for lunch by the sea, a friend's backyard soiree or a date in the park, you can absolutely go bra wild. I'm picturing one in lime green or tangerine. Cue the Cole Porter: It's all right with me.

Amy Verner is The Globe and Mail's Paris-based style reporter. Have a fashion question? E-mail