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London’s Canada Club has seen its share of luminary speakers in its 202-year history. One of the oldest dining clubs in London, it has counted Sir Winston Churchill and polar explorer Robert Scott among its esteemed speakers. On Oct. 9, the Club welcomed Piers Handling, director and chief executive officer of the Toronto International Film Festival, to speak to a capacity crowd of Canada Club Members and British film industry professionals at the Canada Club Autumn Dinner. The event was held at BAFTA – the British Academy of Film and Television Arts – home of the British Film Industry, this year celebrating its 65th anniversary.

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Inge Moesen and Mark Camilleri

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Gabrielle de Wardener and Adrian Wootton

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Sir Christopher Ondaatje, Lady Ondaatje, Piers Handling, Lisa Tomas, John Bragg

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Susan Gregson

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Alexander Malmaeus, Jacqueline Appel, Carol Appel, David Appel

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Amanda Berry

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Tyrone Walker-Hebborn and Stephen Woolley

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Donna Abraham, William Abraham, Derek Linfield, Joan Hampson, Christopher Hampson

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