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'I have always been drawn to hats and headdresses. My hats are quite playful. They are made to giggle and seduce in. They demand full attention in the coyest of ways.' - Lara Vincent, hat collector and milliner Lara Vincent embellished boater, price upon request through

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'As much as I don't think I have a mug that's suitable for hats, I love them and can't live without them. There's one for every personality, mood and occasion. I enjoy rocking my cool vintage toques avec giant pompoms, baseball caps on a sportier kind of day or the sassy black fedora I recently purchased on my first-ever trip back "home" to Seoul, Korea.' -Tanya Kim, anchor on CTV's e-Talk Bow-trimmed Lilliput Hats cloche, $160 through

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'To me, a hat is an accessory that punctuates any outfit. You should never underestimate the impact of a well-chosen hat.' -Gloria Sharpe, sales associate for Marni at Holt Renfrew in Toronto Wide-brimmed Kokin hat, $520 at Holt Renfrew (

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'Hats are never out of style and eternally cool. I'm always using them to hide from the world or call its attention; they're usually helping me channel Coco Chanel and my late, great grandfather. As Frank Sinatra said, "Cock your hat - angles are attitudes."' -Sarah Taylor, MuchMusic VJ ( Big It Up panama hat, $130.

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'For me, men wearing hats is a transportation to the world of film noir, of detectives and agents and bad guys all finding the right colour and style and tilt angle for their head wear. For those strong, silent types, a hat is an introduction and, sometimes, a warning.' -Andrew Pyper, bestselling author of The Guardians Big It Up porkpie hat, $90 through

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'For years I avoided wearing hats as I thought my head was too large. But I quickly got over that insecurity in my early 20s with a paper-boy cap and never looked back. This summer, I?m thinking I'll rock a fedora. They protect your skin from the sun and can add dimension to your personality.' -Vaughn Stafford Gray, concierge at Harry Rosen in Toronto Goorin Brothers fedora, $55, Harry Rosen Private Label shirt, $125 at Harry Rosen (

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