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Spanx for Men Cotton Compression Crewneck T-shirt

The promise

Spanx for Men undershirts vow to flatten the torso, improve posture and support the lower back.

How it works

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The super-stretchy undershirt owes its elasticity to the 19-per-cent Spandex blended with a breathable, ring-spun cotton, which is the primary means of getting the material to hug your every curve. It also features a tapered design that further emphasizes a slimmer waistline.

How to use it

Real talk: Just putting the thing on is easier said than done. Try as you might to stretch the shirt out, it'll snap right back into shape. Once you've actually got it on over your head, be prepared to suck it up, suck it in and roll the shirt down until it sits properly. Once it's in place, throw on your favourite top and no one will be the wiser.

The bottom line

Who knew I could drop a size in seconds? Hipster tees and button-ups I'd consigned to the "too much poutine" pile suddenly had new life. Not to mention the extra support the shirt provided for a back that's lifted too much IKEA furniture in its day. I looked good - and felt even better when people told me so. What didn't feel so good, eventually, was my constricted belly. After a full day of work, lunch and snacks, I rushed home to peel off the shirt. I wasn't ready to see whether it could contain me after happy hour. Tolerance will vary from man to man, but I applaud the one who can go nine-plus hours in Spanx products. I think they're great for nights out and power meetings with your boss - i.e., when confidence is key - but, in the long term, wouldn't it feel better to hit the gym and rock a real six-pack?

Crew/V-neck T-shirt, $76, tank top, $73 through

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