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Is it my imagination or is the Mohawk hairstyle everywhere, even on men in otherwise respectable clothes?"

Yes, variations on selective head-shaving are in mainstream fashion now, for both men and women. The punk haircut carelessly and disrespectfully called the Mohawk in the 1970s was slightly different: It had a very narrow, vertically spiked, stiff crown. Now the idea is to have shaved or very short sides and a flat crown, either lying flat and soft or slicked back.

You can shave right around the back (creating a hedgehog-on-the-head effect) or leave a runway of hair down to the nape of the neck (I prefer the latter). Giant iguana spikes are not part of the trend. And yes, any of these can look perfectly respectable, even with a suit.

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But I have to warn you: I tried it recently and look, for the time being, like a particularly tough toilet brush.

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