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It wouldn't be TIFF without the annual Hello! Canada magazine party. This year, the Hollywood Movie Star Magic-themed party was held at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Toronto, Saturday, September 8, 2012.

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Edward Rogers, Suzanne Rogers, Milos Raonic and David Hiscox

Summers Photo

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Brad Smith

George Pimentel Photography

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Alison Easwood, Raine Maida, Chantel Kreviazuk

Summers Photo

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Dina Pugliese, Kevin Frankish, Jennifer Valentyne, Frank Ferragine

George Pimentel Photography

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Emily Hampshire

Summers Photo

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Keith Pelley, Edward Burns, Karen Yates, Todd Yates

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Jian Ghomeshi, Sarah Gadon

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Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott

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David Paetkau, Tracy Moore, Lio Perron

Summers Photo

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