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Party photos of the week: Royal de Versailles

On November 29, Toronto jewelry store Royal de Versailles kicked off the Holiday season with a celebration to show off the newly modernized look of their flagship boutique and their latest fine watch and jewelery collections to a crowd of esteemed media and posh clientele.

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Anastasia Zidelev, Natalie Homonyuk and Valeriya Chochyeva

George Pimentel

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Micki Mizrahi and Bonnie Bloomberg

George Pimentel

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Daniela De Gasperis and Lori Prendergast

George Pimentel

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Caitlan Moneta, Eliza Grossman and Sarah Casselman

George Pimentel

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Chad Owens, Mark Cohon and Mike Bradwell

George Pimentel

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Anita Clarke and Johanne Durocher

George Pimentel

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Serge Kerbel and Jeremy Freed

George Pimentel

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Bernice Royce, Victor R. Royce and Irene Tam

George Pimentel

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Bernadette Morra and Irit Shay

George Pimentel

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Vanessa Mulroney and Jessica Mulroney

George Pimentel

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Lynda Prince

George Pimentel

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Gwen Halsted and Sara Elizabeth Cole

George Pimentel

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