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Party photos of the week: Toronto East General

Like a slice of cottage country in the heart of the city, the Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) held its annual food and wine fundraiser at the picturesque Hunt Club on Monday night. Celebrating “la dolce vita,” Food Network chef David Rocco cooked up his signature Italian dishes alongside a gelato bar and selection of almost 25 fine Italian wines, including a show-stopping 2008 Vietti Barolo Castiglione.

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Trinity Jackman and Marcus Doyle

Ernesto Distefano

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Salma Kajouii and Farshad Kajouii

Ernesto Distefano

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Monique and Gareth Seltzer

Ernesto Distefano

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Michelle Epstein

Ernesto Distefano

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Michael Burns and Cecile Chung

Ernesto Distefano

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Marianne St. Maurice

Ernesto Distefano

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Jennifer Valentyne and Sean Jones

Ernesto Distefano

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David Rocco

Ernesto Distefano

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