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Sara Canning’s favourite Vancouver spots

Gravity Pope for shoes, the Pourhouse and Guilt & Company to unwind

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“My favourite place to shop for shoes in Vancouver is Gravity Pope. I’ve been practically living in a pair of Fiorentini+Baker boots I bought there recently.”

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“Spank carries great vintage-inspired dresses, but I also found some men’s-style trousers that look like they’re from the Victorian era – everyone always demands to know where I got them.”

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“I like the lavender mocha [coffee] at Medina so much that I try to reserve it for special occasions only. Lately, I’ve been deeming more and more occasions in my life special.”

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“I like to feel as though I’ve stepped back in time when I go out at night, which is why I love the Pourhouse in Gastown. The cocktail list is great, but [the bartenders] are really inventive; you just have to tell them your favourite flavours.”

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“Two of my closest friends are in a band called The Cross Legged Willies, so I follow them wherever they’re playing, be it at their house or at Guilt & Company, an underground tavern that features live music and board games.”

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“I take advantage of living close to Stanley Park. A few of the characters I’ve played have taken walks along the seawall very early in the morning. I use these walks as a creative stimulant, to meditate and feel restored.”

Caitlin Cronenberg/The Globe and Mail

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