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Sonja Franzmann, a fitness and holistic health coach based in Calgary. (Brian Buchsdruecker)

Want to achieve wellness? No sweat. Here are some simple steps, from Sonja Franzmann, a fitness and holistic health coach based in Calgary:

Focus on sleep

Turn off electronic devices such as cellphones, and keep cool because being too hot can interrupt shuteye. Have that glass of wine if you're allowed to, but don't consume it too close to bedtime. And clear your mind of any negative thoughts or demands you may be facing.

Drink plenty of water

Stick with that typical eight to 12 glasses a day. "Some people who get tired during the day think they need a nap, but they really need water [to rehydrate]."

Eat whole, natural foods

"Pick up foods from the perimeter of the grocery store, things not in a box or packaged, like fresh fruits and veggies, nuts without salts, lean meats."

Exercise in chunks if you have to

While there's something to be said about getting 60 minutes a day of exercise in one session, there are also benefits to breaking up physical activity. For instance, a 10- or 15-minute walk, one or more times a day, and a few minutes of squats, pushups and lunges. "Take that first baby step."

Love your body

Don't compare yourself to others, because everybody's body is beautiful. "For women especially, it's getting to that point of, 'I love my body today,' instead of, 'I hate it because I should look like this.' But a body can't be wrong – the body is not wrong."